The Leader in You


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– To provide managers with the necessary skills required dealing effectively with the conceptual and human dimensions of management
– Emphasis is placed on human behavior and the interaction among managers and followers in organizational settings.
– Case analyses are engaged to focus on developing the participant’s ability to manage individuals, groups and organizational processes
– For those aspiring to enhance their management and leadership capabilities, NLP has fast become a valuable skills plug-in that many professionals use to extend and fine-tune their ability to coach, encourage, motivate, and manage those whom they have positive influence over
– A range of alternate leadership styles according to developmental level of people
– How to build better rapport across departments, teams and with customers
– How to communicate with other people on different psychological levels

This program is specially customized for managers, supervisors and anyone in a leadership position.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
– Understand the core foundations of NLP and use them in enhancing their people management skills
–  Resolve workplace grievances, conflicts and problems related with people issues
– Manage, lead, inspire, motivate and develop their subordinates effectively
– Understand the basis of human relations, human behavior and human motivation, thus adopting the most appropriate strategies when dealing with people
– Select and apply the most suitable leadership styles, motivation tools, communication strategies and persuasion principles when dealing with people