Sales Breakthrough with NLP Tools


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– Acquire tactful ways of Selling skills to positively influence customers and become an AWESOME sales person
– Engage with customers via effective probing to encourage the customer to start talking, product/service benefit elaboration, followed by ‘sell to themselves’ statements
– Demonstrate the value and build relationship, using the 7 Step Approach Tool (7SAT)
– Confident to handle objections and channel customers back to the product benefits and get their ‘buy in’
– Focus on ASK critical areas: Attitude Skill Knowledge
– The course is designed and delivered for maximum learning in a comprehensive, interactive and fun way
– It comprises informative knowledge transfer via various training modes, exercises, group activities and simulation

– Sales Executive
– Business owner
– Sales supervisor

Upon completing this course, you will be able to meet these objectives:
– Sell via communicating knowledge and experiences to convince customers on the product value and profit margin
– Successfully close deals for a win-win situation or trial close with timely follow-up
– Outline the key factors in identifying needs and obstacle handling to reach customers at a feelings level
– Generate creative ideas on how to help customers to help their customers (B2BtoB2C)
– Outline the key factors in what TO say, what NOT TO say, ways of capturing customers’ attention; creating a lasting impression
– Use the specific presentation tool/detail aids and convert to key selling messages during detailing/business presentation