Python Network Programming


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Course Duration: 1 day
Network programming has always been a demanding task. With full-featured and well documented libraries all the way up the stack, Python makes network programming the enjoyable experience it should be. Starting with a walkthrough of today’s major networking protocols, this Python Network Programming course will show you how to employ Python for network programming, how to
request and retrieve web resources, and how to extract data in major formats over the Web. You’ll utilize Python for e-mailing using different protocols and you’ll interact with remote systems and IP and DNS networking

Course Highlights
– Networking technologies
– Python network programming
– HTTP protocol
– Email protocol
– FTP and SFTP
– IP and DNS
– Python Socket Programming
– Client Server Applications

This is an intermediate level course. The following prerequisite is assumed
– Basic Python
– Basic Networking knowledge

Target Audience
– Python Programmers who want to learn networking
– Network Engineers using Python

Course Outline
Module 1.Networking Programming and Python
– Introduction to TCP/IP networks
– Python for network programming
Module 2. HTTP and Working with Web
– Request and Response with urllib
– Response objects
– Status codes
– HTTP headers
– Customizing requests
– Content negotiation
– User agents
– Cookies
– Redirects
– HTTP/HTTPS methods
– Request library
Module 3. Email
– Email technologies
– Sending emails with SMTP
– Sending emails securely with TLS
– Receiving emails by POP3 with poplib
– Receiving emails by IMAP with imaplib
– Sending email attachments
Module 4: API
– HTML scraping
Module 5: Working with Remoting Systems
– Secure shell access using Python
– Transferring files through SFTP
– Transferring files through FTP
– Fetching simple network management protocol
– Reading light weight directory access protocol
– Sharing with SAMBA
Module 6: IP and DNS
– Retrieving network configuration
– Manipulating IP addresses
– GeoIP lookup
– NTP clients
Module 7: Programming with Sockets
– Basics of sockets
– Working with TCP sockets
– Working with UDP sockets
– TCP port forwarding
– Non blocking socket I/O
– Securing socket with TLS/SSL