PHP Essential


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Choose from our extensive programming and web development courses. This is a 2 day hands-on course on PHP and MariaDB. PHP is a popular and reliable programming language at the foundation of many data-driven CMS websites such as WordPress, Joomla and Magento.

This comprehensive PHP with MariaDB course will help beginners to learn the basics of PHP such as variables, logical expressions, loops, and functions. In addition, you will learn and understand how to connect PHP to a MariaDB database. This course will also cover the basic CRUD routines for updating a database.

Course Duration:

2 days

Course Highlights
  • What is PHP?
  • Installing and configuring PHP and MariaDB on Mac and Window
  • Exploring data types
  • Controlling code with logical expressions and loops
  • Using PHP’s built-in functions
  • Writing custom functions
  • Building dynamic web pages
  • Working with forms and form data
  • Using cookies and sessions to store data
  • Connecting to MariaDB with PHP
  • Creating and editing database records

To ensure your success in this course, it is highly recommended that you have the following knowledge:
– Basic HTML
– Basic CSS;

Target Audience:

Web designers who want to learn the basics of PHP Programming
– Web administrators who want to learn the basics of MariaDB
– Website owners who own a CMS website and want to be able to modify the functionality.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Get Ready
– Install Apache, PHP and MariaDB
– Install Sublime Text
– Embed PHP in HTML
– PHP and HTML Comment

Module 2: Data Types
– Variables
– Number
– String
– Boolean
– Array
– Associative Array
– Null and Empty
– Constant

Module 3: Operators
– Common Operators
– Compound Operators
– Increment/Decrement Operators
– Comparison Operators
– Logical Operators
– Operator Procedure

Module 4: Control Structures
– Conditional
– While loop
– Do While Loop
– For loop
– Foreach loop
– Continue & Break

Module 5: Function
– Function Syntax
– Return value
– Default Argument
– Multiple Return Values
– Variable Scope

Module 6: Getting Data
– Data Sources
– Get Method
– Post Method
– Include
– HTTP Header
– Cookies

Module 7: MariaDB Basic
– Basic database concept
– Create/Delete database
– Create user
– Create/Delete/Show table
– CRUD in MariaDB

Module 8: Using PHP to access MariaDB
– PHP API for MariaDB
– Connecting to MariaDB
– MariaDB query
– Fetching data
– Creating record
– Updating data
– Deleting data

Module 9: File I/O
– Reading a file
– Writing a file

Module 10: Object Oriented Programming (Optional)
– Class & Object
– Constructor Function
– Destructor Function
– Inheritance
– Function Overriding
– Member Types
– Interface

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