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Training method: Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

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Huawei HCIA-Transmission course & certification is targeted at Huawei transmission network junior engineer and ICT personnel who want to learn the basic knowledge of transmission network.

HCIA-Transmission curriculum includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • SDH Principles
  • MSTP System Overview
  • MSTP Protection Schemes
  • Service Configuration of MSTP
  • Ethernet Principles
  • Ethernet Service Overview
  • WDM Principles and OTN Protocols.

With HCIA-Transmission certification, it will prove that you have the basic knowledge of transmission network, and the ability to deliver and maintain Huawei MSTP equipment independently.

With HCIA-Transmission certified engineers, enterprises have the ability to construct transmission network using Huawei MSTP equipment, and complete basic service configuration and daily maintenance operations.

Course Duration:

10 days

Target Audience:

– Personnel who are going to take HCIA-Transmission exam
– Personnel who expect to learn about basic optical transmission principles and Huawei SDH equipment operation


Having a general knowledge of telecommunications

You will learn:

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to learn and understand:
– SDH working principle
– WDM working principle
– OTN working principle
– Ethernet working principle
– The basic concept of MPLS and PWE3
– The protection mechanism of MSP/SNCP
– The system structure and features of the OptiX OSN 3500 equipment
– State the main functions of the boards in the OptiX OSN 3500 equipment
– The SDH network configuration and monitoring through NMS
– The PDH service configuration through NMS
– The Ethernet service (EPL/EVPL/EPLAN) configuration through NMS

Course Outline:

SDH Principles(HC)
– SDH Overview, Frame Structure and Multiplexing, Overhead and Pointers
– Logical Function Modules
– Networking and Protection

SDH Principles(Manual)(HC)

MSTP System Description(HC)
– System Overview
– Cabinets and Subracks
– Boards
-Hardware Configurations
– Functions and Features

MSTP Protection Principles(HC)
– Linear MSP
– Two-Fiber MSP Rings
– Four-Fiber MSP Rings

Ethernet Technologies(HC)
– Overview of LAN
– Ethernet Principles
– About Ethernet QoS
– Overview of EoS
– Overview of VLAN

Ethernet Technologies(Manual)(HC)

Ethernet Services and Networking Applications(HC)
– Ethernet Terms, Service Types: EPL,EVPL, EPLAN, EVPLAN and Service Configurations

iManager U2000 System Description(HC)
– System Structure and Major Features of U2000
– Major Functions of U2000
– Commissioning Procedures for Single Station

HCIA-Transmission Lab Practice Guide(HC)
– Linear MSP Configurations
– Two-Fiber MSP Rings Configurations
– Four-Fiber MSP Rings
– SNCP Configurations
– Per-NE Service Configurations
– Path-Specific Service and Ethernet Service Configurations

WDM Principles(HC)
– Overview of WDM
– Key WDM Technologies
– ITU-T Compliance

WDM Principles(Manual)(HC)

OTN Principles(HC)
– Overview of OTN
– OTN Interface Structure
– Mapping and Multiplexing of OTN
– OTN Overhead
– OTN Trail Layers and Maintenance Signals
– Common OTN Alarms

OTN Principles(Manual)(HC)

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