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Delivery method:  Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

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HCIA-Access certification course is targeted at Huawei Access network junior engineer and ICT personnel, as well as anyone who wants to learn the basic knowledge of access network.

HCIA-Access curriculum includes but is not limited to the following parts:

  • FTTx System Overview
  • GPON Principles
  • PPP and PPPoE Protocols
  • DHCP Principles
  • VoIP Principles
  • ODN Link Detection Guide
  • GPON Broadband Service Provisioning and Configuration
  • GPON Voice Service Provisioning and Configuration
  • Access Network NMS Overview and etc

HCIA-Access certification proves that you have the basic knowledge of access network and the ability to deliver, operate and maintain Huawei Access equipment independently.

With HCIA-Access certified engineers, enterprises have the ability to commissioning, configure the basic service and plan the ODN network.


5 days

Target Audience:

 – Those who wish to become an access network associate
– Those who hope to obtain HCIA-Access certification


Those who have obtained the same level technical certificate in the industry, and hope to obtain Huawei certificate.

You will learn:

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to learn:

  • The functions of TCP/IP, routing and VLAN forwarding process, can apply TCPIP working principles to data forwarding
  • GPON typical application scenarios, key GPON components, upstream and downstream technology
  • The key performance parameters on distance, bandwidth, optical launched power, received sensitive power, attenuation, etc.
  • The function and structure of cabinet, frames, boards and cables
  • Perform GPON FTTH/B/C HSI and VoIP service configuration, maintenance and verification
  • Master the PPP/PPPoE, DHCP, SIP protocols
  • Master the basics of NMS
Course outline:

Module 1 – Access Network Overview

  • Concepts of the Access Network
  • Typical Scenarios and Technologies of Traditional Access
  • Advantages and Typical Application Scenarios of PON

Module 2 – IP Network Technologies Fundamental

  • Function of TCP/IP each layer
  • VLAN Technology Principles
  • Route Basics

Module 3 – GPON and xDSL principles

  • GPON networking, GPON component, GPON upstream and downstream
    implementation, GPON key technologies, GPON protection
  • xDSL Technology Fundamental

Module 4 – Broadband service

  • PPP and PPPoE protocol
  • DHCP protocol

Module 5 – VoIP service

  • VoIP introduction
  • SIP protocol

Module 6 – FTTx System Overview

  • FTTx network devices introduction
  • Typical OLT devices, MxU devices and ONT devices

Module 7 – Access Network Basic Operation and Maintenance

  • OLT basic operation
  • GPON/xDSL Broadband Service Provisioning and Configurations
  • GPON Voice Service Provisioning and Configurations

Module 8 – ODN Link Detection Guide

  • ODN Product Description
  • Introduction to the ODN Link Detection Tool and Parameters
  • ODN Engineering Construction Detection
  • ODN Service Provisioning and O&M Detection

Module 9 – NMS basics

  • SNMP protocol introduction
  • U2000 basic
  • eSight introduction

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