Coaching & Mentoring for Success


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Course Overview
– The goal is to develop An excellent coaching & mentorship program in the organization that addresses the needs and challenges of the workforce
– Focus on ASK critical areas:
– The course is designed and delivered for maximum learning in an interactive and fun way
– It comprises informative knowledge transfer via various training modes, exercises, group activities and simulation

Learning Objective (At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to..)
– Explore principles of establishing a coaching & mentorship culture that is aligned with the business goals and organization needs
– Point out the effective coaching & mentoring approaches that can be incorporated to meet the expectations of the mentor-mentee
– Create action plans which are monitored periodically by the mentor-mentee for a continuous improvement

Benefits to Participants
– They embark on a supportive and trustworthy culture that leads to increased communication and commitment to achieve the business goals
– They have a formal opportunity to coach, guide and impart knowledge and experience to one another to empower mutual learning
– They can create effective business relationship that leads to increased support, commitment, sales and trust from the stakeholders

Targeted Audience
– This program can be further customized to cater for various groups of executives, Individual Contributors, People Managers and Manager’s Manager