Building an AI Chatbot with Rasa Stack and Python


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Course Duration: 1 day

Course Overview:
Rasa is a open source conversational A chatbotI framework to building great chatbots and assistants. Rasa is based on Python and Tensorflow. It is made up of Rasa Stack. whiich is a pair of open source libraries (Rasa NLU and Rasa Core) that allow developers to expand chatbots and voice assistants beyond answering simple questions. Using state-of-the-art machine learning, your bots can hold contextual conversations with users. Rasa is production ready and used in large companies everywhere.

Course Highlights
– Installing Rasa Core and Rase NLU
– Rasa NLU training
– Rase Core training
– Integrating Rasa chatbot to chat platforms

This course assumes the following knowledge
– Basic Python

Target Audience
– Chatbot Developers
– AI Chatbot Developers
– IT Developers

Course Outline
Module 1: Get Started on Rasa Chatbot
– What is Rasa?
– Install Rasa Stack
– Download Rasa Starter Pack Git Repo
– Install Dependencies
– Test Out Rasa Chatbot
Module 2: Rasa NLU
– Rasa NLU Pipelines
– Intent
– Entities
– Training Rasa NLU
– Testing Rasa NLU
Module 3: Rasa Core
– Rasa Core Architecture
– Stories
– Domain
– Training Rasa Core
– Interactive Learning
– Slots
– Policies
– Testing Rasa Core
– Custom Action
Module 4: Platform Integration
– Rasa Platforms
– Using Ngrok For Local Testing
– Facebook Messenger Integration
– Telegram Integration