Building a Telegram Chatbot


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Course Overview:
Chatbot is in the rise and many businesses are taking advantage of chatbot to automate some of their operation. This course will teach you how to build a bot for Telegram, one of the fastest growing messaging platforms with more than 200 million monthly active users. You will be creating your first chatbot using Javascript, one of the most popular programming language, which will greet user on getting start command and deploy it to Heroku server.

Course Highlights
– What is chatbot and what is it for?
– Basics of Javascript and Node.js
– Routing with Express
– Basics of building a Telegram chatbot
– Deploy code to heroku

Basic knowledge of HTM, CSS and Java script is assumed

Target Audience
– Business Owners
– Marketing Executives
– IT Developers

Course outline
Module 1 – Getting Ready
– What is chatbot and what is it for
– Demo of Chatbot
– Installing Node.js
Module 2 – Javascript and Node.js Basics
– Data Types
– Control Structures
– Function
– Node Package Manager (NPM)
– Install External Modules
Module 3 – Express Basics
– What is Express
– Create an Express server
– Route handling
Module 4 – Build Telegram Chatbot
– Create a bot with BotFather
– Handle Start command
– Handle text messages
Module 5 – Deploy code
– Create account on Heroku
– Deploy code