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Huawei HCIE-Routing & Switching course and certification validates the knowledge and skills required to construct, optimize and manage complex and large and medium-sized enterprise networks.

The HCIE-Routing & Switching curriculum includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Interconnecting different networks and various routers and switches
  • Resolving complex connection problems
  • Using technical solutions to increase bandwidth, shorten the response time, improve performance to its maximum, enhance security, and support global applications
  • Troubleshooting complex network faults.

With HCIE-Routing & Switching certification, you demonstrate a comprehensive and thorough understanding of large networks such as technologies used in complex large and medium-sized networks. You will also demonstrate the ability to design various enterprise networks independently and implement those designs using Huawei routing and switching devices.

With engineers who are HCIE-Routing & Switching certified, enterprises are able to:

  • Construct complete large and medium-sized networks independently and integrate voice, wireless, cloud, security, and storage technologies into their networks to support a variety of applications.
  • Troubleshoot faults efficiently.
  • Plan the enterprise network development to keep up with the enterprise development and network technology development trends, yet continue to ensure high security, availability and reliability.
Course Duration:

10 days

Target Audience:

Those who hope to obtain HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 certificate


– HCIP-Routing & Switching knowledge
– 5 years’ engineering experience in IP industry

Training Objective:

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to learn and understand:
– Layer 2 LAN & WAN technologies
– IPv6 Basic technologies
– Transitional technology, such as 6 over 4 tunnel
– OSPFv2/v3 principle and configuration
– ISIS dual-stack principle and configuration
– BGP4/4+ principle and configuration
– Route I&C
– Multicast dual-stack principle and configuration
– MPLS VPN architecture
– Inter-AS MPLS VPN principle and configuration
– Popular network security features
– High-Availability features
– Understand network management principle
– QoS principle and configuration
– SDN architecture
– VXLAN/EVPN principle
– Capable of typical enterprise network design ability
– Capable of typical enterprise network trouble-shooting ability
– Typical enterprise network configuration

Course Outline:

Layer 2
– MAC:Port Security, MAC Address Flapping
– Gratuitous ARP
– MSTP principle
– CSS/iStack
– Eth-Trunk
– PPP, MP principle
– HDLC, IP-trunk principle
– PPPoE principle

• IPv6 basics, 6 over 4
• OSPFv2/v3
– OSPF principle, configuration command and Fault Diagnosis
– Suggestions on OSPF Exam Preparation
• ISIS dual-stack
– ISIS dual-stack principle, configuration command and Fault Diagnosis
– Suggestions on ISIS Exam Preparation
• BGP4/4+
– BGP principle, configuration command and Fault Diagnosis
– Suggestions on BGP Exam Preparation
• Route I&C
– Route I&C principle, configuration command and Case Analysis
• Multicast dual-stack, principle and configuration command

– Inter-AS Option A, Option B and Option C

• Security
– Attack defense
– DHCP Snooping
– IPsec
• HA
• Network Manage
• QoS
– Classification
– Traffic Policing
– Traffic Shaping
– Congestion Avoidance
– Congestion Management

– Strategy of SDN/NFV
– SDN architecture

Design, Pilot Lab
– Typical Enterprise Network Design
– Pilot Lab Exercise

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